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The Wellness Enhancement Center of Idaho, Inc. is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive, evidenced based behavioral healthcare services to children, adolescents and adults. Our commitment extends to the family as a whole, and endeavors to deliver the highest quality treatment for mental health disorders. 




In support of this mission, we will provide services that are:


Accessible: Services are available to individuals who face financial, geographical, physical, social or psychological barriers.

Community Focused: Services are provided in the least restrictive setting.

Culturally Competent: Counselors are effective in cross-cultural situations.

Person Centered/Recovery Focused: Counselors seek to decrease the impact of the illness on the consumer’s life in partnership with him/her and services are crafted to meet the individual needs of the person or family.

Family Inclusion: Counselors recognize that positive outcomes for children happen when the entire family is functioning in a healthy manner, as such, a family systems approach will be utilized whenever possible. Parents will be encouraged to participate in their child’s treatment and provided opportunities for Parenting Skills Training (PST).

Trauma Informed: Counselors recognize and address the impact of trauma on the course of mental illness.

Evidenced Based Services: Counselors utilize evidenced based (best-practice) approaches to the treatment of mental illness.


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